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Eating real food on the road…

This week I’ve been away from home visiting my in-laws. I always find it harder to eat healthy and real while away from my own kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, I have access to a kitchen, but it’s not mine and it doesn’t have the real food staples that I am used to cooking with. Plus, you always feel a little awkward dirtying up another person’s kitchen because let’s be real, real food isn’t always clean. At least not for me, I always make a mess when I cook real food.

When you add in my additional allergy diet I am having to follow just now because of my breastfed son, it adds another layer of difficulty when it comes to eating away from home. No one wants to be that person, who always asks what they have cooked the vegetables in or because most people still cook with packaged food (even if its just packaged veggies) having to pull the packaging out of the trash to check the ingredients.

We travel to visit my husband’s family often so over the past few years I’ve come up with some simple tips that help me continue to eat real food while I am on the road (per say):

  • Pack a few snacks you can have when everyone else is inevitably eating ice cream. My favorite snack to pack is natural peanut butter to go with apples (generally most people always have apples so you don’t need to bring that along).
  • Pre-cut some veggies before you go whether that is an easy salad of romaine and spinach with a simple dressing or carrots and peppers to eat with hummus.
  • Choose an easy protein you can add to a meal to balance it out and pre cook it or cook it as soon as you get there. Sometimes, I bring roasted chicken to add to a salad or this time I just hard boiled a bunch of eggs the day I arrived.
  • If you are lucky enough to have a blender or nutribullet where you are going, bring along or buy the raw ingredients for smoothies. They are quick to make, easy to clean up, and you can pack in the veggies. This time I tossed a bit of my Great Lakes collagen powder in a container for a protein boost to my smoothies.
  • Rinse and Repeat. I usually eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch everyday that I am away because it keeps things easy and simple.
  • Don’t get too hung up on the food, it took me a few years to figure this out. Just learn to relax and enjoy yourself. The less you can worry about what you are going to eat the better.


I’ve got a few more days here so I’m going to keep this post short, but I just wanted to keep it real and let you in on some everyday tips that I have learned. Hopefully it will help you as the holidays come near and you find yourselves traveling and struggling to eat real food while on the road…



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