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21 days to Tame Your Sweet Tooth Group Program


Do you struggle with uncontrollable sugar cravings?

Is one handful of sweets, one cookie, or one piece of cake just never enough?

Are you exhausted by mid afternoon desperately searching for some kind of pick me to get you through the rest of the day?

Have you hit a weight loss plateau that you just can’t seem to overcome no matter what you do?


Maybe you relate to one of these questions or maybe all four ring true. While these may sound like completely unrelated problems, they aren’t. Our modern-day sugar centric lifestyle of processed foods laden with hidden sugars, candy and sweets available 24/7 and a culture whose sociality revolves around sugary treats is contributing to all of these struggles that we face.

Sugar can be a beast to get under control, but so so important to find a way to reduce the amount of sugar we take into our bodies. Maybe you’ve tried to stop cold turkey before, maybe you lasted a few weeks or maybe even a few months only to eat one thing again and feel those sugar cravings come back with vengeance. I’ve been there. If you want to read all about my story, check out my post about it here. Maybe you’ve never tried to come off sugar before, you didn’t even know where to begin. It all seemed so daunting. Maybe you are still a bit skeptical wondering if this will even be possible for you. That’s okay. Now is the time to start! Don’t do it alone!

21 days to Tame Your Sweet Tooth Group Program starts Monday, April 17th and is designed to help wean you off that sugar centric lifestyle and build sustainable habits that will help you carry on this low sugar plan for good. It’s not just one of those detox programs that eliminate everything and make you want to binge the second the program is over. We will work together and motivate each other as a Facebook group to discuss and build healthy habits around sugar that is sustainable after the 21 days have finished. It’s not about deprivation, but instead a lifestyle transformation.

Here are just a few benefits you could enjoy by getting refined sugars out of your life:

  • weight loss
  • increased energy
  • better sleep
  • better skin (less wrinkles, acne, etc)
  • improved mood (helps with depression, mood swings, anxiety, etc) and mental clarity
  • reduces risk of cardiovascular and fatty liver disease
  • regulates blood sugar levels
  • curbs sugar and other food cravings
  • reduces overeating

In this program…

you will learn how to:

  • eliminate ‘hidden sugars’ from your meals
  • plan and cook nutrient dense meals made from real whole foods that will help curb your sugar cravings, increase your energy and lose weight
  • make healthier low sugar desserts made from natural sugars instead of refined ones
  • snack to avoid energy slumps and uncontrollable sugar cravings

you will get:

  • a recipe pack with customisable meals for the full 21 days
  • membership in an ongoing Facebook community of like-minded people trying to tame their sugar cravings and eliminate refined sugars
  • weekly emails containing topical mini PDF presentations dedicated to things that will help you tame your sweet tooth
  • daily motivation, discussion and challenges within the Facebook group dedicated to the weekly topics


How much does the 21 days to Tame Your Sweet Tooth Group Program cost?

As this is the first group going through the program, you have the chance to participate at a discounted price of only £20/$25. The first 15 people to sign up get an early bird special price of £15/$20. So sign up quick to get in at the lower price! (All early bird spots are now filled) Sign ups close on April the 12th.

To sign up for this program just fill out the contact form here (also include your currency type) and I will email you back with payment details. Let me know your biggest motivating factor for joining this program and what you are looking to get out of it. Also, if you have any special dietary needs or allergies, let me know if the comments section so I can make sure to provide you with any alternative recipes and guidance.

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