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Welcome to Real Food, Simple Life!

My name is Brittany. I’m a home educating, podcast addict, American expat living on the rainy (but beautiful) eastern coast of Scotland with my Scottish husband and 4 children. I spend my days chasing after my toddler and 2 preschoolers, preparing healthy meals, catching up with my teenager and husband when they are home and trying to squeeze in some exercise/movement time for myself.

I’m passionate about helping busy moms like me reconnect with real foods, build nourishing traditions and sustainable habits for themselves and their families and destress their life by simplifying.

Eating healthy is not about dieting, calorie counting or feeling guilty. This may work short term, but it is not sustainable or healthy. Real food is to be enjoyed and savored to the very last bite. No more starving your body or denying yourself certain food groups to lose weight. True weight loss and health come from listening to your body and eating the most nourishing foods when you are hungry. It’s about balancing your plate and indulging in all types of foods–grains, meats, dairy, fats, fruits & vegetables.

Real food is a mind set, a sustainable lifestyle that will lead to a happier, healthier you and family. Its a way of viewing and using food, a love of food in its purest most nutrient dense forms. It is a desire to understand the benefits of real food and understand the harmful effects of scientifically processed foods. Once you understand and love real food, eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.

Here at Real Food, Simple Life I share with you healthy recipes, tips on building healthy & sustainable habits for you and your family, thoughts on living the simple life and all things real food.



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