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Health Coaching


Hi, I’m Brittany, a health and wellness coach living with my husband and 4 (going on 5) children on the east coast of Scotland. I am passionate about teaching and inspiring other to establish a healthy lifestyle rooted in real food that is simple, affordable, and sustainable.

I offer health coaching services to women both virtually and locally. My approach does not focus on calorie counting that starve your body and soul but instead I like to help others heal their relationship with food and begin to enjoy the taste of real nourishing food and teach them how to reconnect with their own bodies; eating when hungry and stopping when satisfied.


Do you need someone to hold you accountable, help you identify and overcome barriers to your health and wellness while you establish healthy habits that will create a sustainable healthy lifestyle?

Are you stuck in a cycle of strict dieting, calorie counting, excessive exercising only to quit because you just can’t sustain that kind of life and want something better, something that you can do forever without exhausting yourself?

Do you want help establishing healthy habits that will give you and your family…

  • sustainable weight loss
  • increased energy and vitality
  • better immunity
  • improved mood
  • freedom from food cravings
  • improvement to chronic health conditions
  • a positive body image
  • overall better quality of life

Are you struggling to transition from a standard diet heavy in processed foods to a real food nutrient dense diet and want help…

  • creating balanced meal plans that are personalized to your specific family’s needs (allergy, preference, time, pickiness, etc)
  • weaning your kids off ‘kid food’ and other processed junk and learn to eat and love nourishing foods
  • learning how to feed your family real healthy food on a budget
  • establishing systems that will simplify and streamline your kitchen and help you spend less time preparing food and cleaning up after and more time enjoying life


If your answer is YES and you are looking to embark on a sustainable health and lifestyle transformation, I’d love to work with you!

Consults are conducted one-to-one in person for those who live locally or alternatively via Skype, FaceTime or telephone.

If you are interested contact me here  or email me at with any questions or to set up a free 20 minute session so we can get to know each other and you can decide if this is for you.

Once working with me, subsequent coaching sessions last 45 minutes and are on low introductory rate of £25 per session for a limited time. I would recommend a minimum of 4 sessions to fully benefit from this method of coaching.  You will also have access to further email support to help answer any questions or offer motivation and help between coaching sessions. I have room for 3 more clients at that rate.